A person addicted too drugs is never alone in the battle. Everyone in the family goes through it with that person, weather it be a mother, father, friend, a sister or in my case a brother. actually 4 brothers. ive been unfortunate too have lost 2 brothers too drug overdose, another brother 3 years sober and another one leaving for his road too recovery tomorrow. and i have too say it wouldn’t be without this woman right here. Every once in a while you meet someone, they listen too you speak with a non judgmental ear. they go above and beyond too help you. that’s what Alicia did. She has spent the last few weeks trying too get my brother on the road too recovery and i can say proudly that tomorrow he will start his journey. i always believed in god and pray everyday too my mom and brothers who are angels in heaven. but believe me there are angels walking this earth. there normal just like us, they smile and laugh and they even cry with us. my family and i have been blessed with this angel right hereAlicia Palermo-Reddy. My family and i can never thank you enough for all of your hard work and dedication too this family! you gave us hope when we felt there wasnt anymore. you gave us inspiration and you gave us the chance too save our brothers life.. I will forever be grateful too you!!!!!

So i tell all of you if you know someone, if you are someone with a drug/alcohol problem get help!! dont be ashamed, dont feel like people will judge. just do it. do it for yourself. do it for your family.. and call Alicia Palermo-Reddy.

We love you Alicia ❤
Thank You will never be enough words too express our true feelings
Love The Iacono’s.

Victoria Marie Iacono
I called Addiction Angel and spoke with Alicia about a family member who needed assistance as quickly as possible. She wasted no time and responded immediately. Within 10 hours, my family member was already in a facility for recovery. Thank you Alicia and Jacqueline.
Garry D.
We need more people on this island who care as much as Alicia Palermo-Reddy does. This event inspired so many and I hope it will continue to inspire many more!
I attended your scared straight meeting last night, one of the most moving meeting I have ever been to. I cried from the stories that broke my heart and I also thought I knew a lot about drugs and what goes on but I was taught so much more, I can’t put into words how lucky our community is to have someone like you fighting for and educating our children. I came to the meeting last night with my husband and my 11 year old son, I wanted my son to become educated about drugs but more important I wanted him to get scared, very scared. I want to thank u and everyone who came out who shared their stories with the kids. I think that it should be mandatory for all Jr high and high school students to attend your meeting.
Her biggest fans? #Family #Always Mom, we are so proud of you and what you do, not only as a nurse but helping the community and the awareness all over this island. You are truly something special, and these kids are so lucky to have you. You have a heart of gold, and by far the most compassionate person. You never fail to amaze me, I love being by your side through all of this. We love you! Another great turnout at SCARED STRAIGHT, thank you to the kids and family who came out tonight. #PreventionIsKey #Addicion #SavingLives #AddictionAngel?
Alicia Palermo-Reddy i come and sit quite in every one of your meeting, I finally made it to a parents group, and didn’t sit quite. Talked and meet great parents that all share the same concern. But Yesterday I called you for the first time, In need to get a young man help, that has been friends with both of my daughters for over 10 years. So I got the chance to see what you actually do, and to see from the second he called you, from you meeting with him, to you explaining every single last detail to his MOM. To see you hold him when he cried,To see you explain his whole recovery, to see every special move you made , I was never so impressed with any one, as I am with you right now…..Every parent on Staten Island should know that there is some one so special that really cares and loves our children the way you do….You are a amazing women. I cant thank you enough for just being you.
I have to thank you so much for the intervention you did on me 9months and 5 days ago. Thanks to the knowledge you have on addiction and the relationships you have made with detox centers and rehabs I was able to detox from Herron, Perks and suboxone. I did not have one withdrawal symptom and at rehab learned the tools to keep me clean. Today is 9 months that I have not had any drugs in my body and for this addict who couldn’t go 3 hours without using its a miracle. Love you ?
I LOVE YOU ALICIA a little over 4 months ago I was knocking on deaths doors…Thanks to your determination and the support of my loved ones I am now clean-sober and happy..something that was beyond my wildest dreams.