A recent survey conducted on approximately 50,000 High School seniors came up with some alarming results. Fifty (50) percent of these 12 graders acknowledged to having used drugs at least once in the past 12 months. And not surprisingly, Marijuana topped the list of substances used. The same survey also revealed that most young adults try alcohol at age 12 and Marijuana at the age of 14.

Studies have revealed several reasons behind drug abuse among young adults and this includes everything from the curiosity to experiment, peer pressure and dealing with first major challenges in life. Parents, or other loved ones, being drug abusers themselves, increase the chances of teens taking to this habit. Parents and other legal guardians have to do their best to prevent all forms of addiction that can doom the future of these kids even before they realize their dreams.

Knowledge Is First Step to Fighting This Problem

The adverse effects of drug abuse are known to all. Apart from ruining an individual’s life, career and health, drugs also invite criminal charges. The after effects of drug abuse are as serious as when the person abuses this substance. The fight against drug abuse and protecting your kids and loved ones from becoming victims starts with understanding these drugs and their adverse effects. You need to become familiar with the street names and terminologies for these banned substances. This knowledge can prove to be an important weapon in your fight against this evil.

Why Street Names Vary?

As selling illegal drugs is unlawful, the people who sell them often use different terminologies to prevent being intercepted easily by law enforcement agencies. These secret codes are made known to the buyers and are frequently changed to avoid detection. Nevertheless you should familiarize yourself with the common street names if any of your loved ones is involved in drug abuse or you suspect they may succumb to their peer pressure.

  • Marijuana – You may be surprised to know that Marijuana is still very illegal in many states (even though it is legal for recreational and/or medicinal use in some states). It goes by many creative names and these include names such as Herb, Baby, Boom, Chira, Aunt Mary, Ditch, Grass, Ganja, Pot, Mary Jane, Weed, Rip, Nigra, Torch, Stack, Root, Skunk and Zambi and this is only a few of the hundreds of names it has. Its use can lead to various psychological and physical conditions. Users experience different sensations including a sense of relaxation, paranoia, euphoria, altering of the sense and panic.
  • Cocaine – Commonly called Coke, Candy, Mama Coca, Girl, Freeze, Nose, Shot, Pimp, Snow, Sugar, Sweet Stuff and White Powder are just some of the street names for Cocaine. It is the most commonly used stimulant drug which can be snorted into the nose or directly injected into one’s blood stream with syringes. Upon use, it immediately increases body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, happiness, alertness, and energy. There are many adverse side-effects which can lead to panic, loss of appetite, psychosis, schizophrenia and other fatal medical conditions.
  • Heroin – Of all the opiate based substances, Heroin is arguably the most popular and most abused of them. It goes under terms such as H, Big H, Capital H, China White, Charley, Aunt Hazel, Dope, Hero, Good Horse, Little Boy, Hard Stuff, Perfect High, Stuff, Mud, Tar, and Smack. These are the common street names for Heroin. Most people turn to this drug for the sense of relaxation and euphoria. It immediately dries up the user’s mouth, dilates the pupils and flushes skin, impairs the senses, makes a person sleepy, and can cause the person to vomit and/or have diarrhea.
  • Methamphetamine – Goes by the street names Meth, Ice, Crank, Speed, Jibb, Tina, Glass, Chalk, Crystal Meth and Fire. Used as a stimulant it immediately leads to a sense of immense energy and happiness. It comes in powdery form, crystals and tablets that are consumed through smoking, swallowing, and snorting. It is a highly addictive and an extremely dangerous drug that can turn a person violent or lead to depression and other mental conditions. It is also the most common drug behind suicides.
  • Inhalants – These are commonly available substances, which are highly addictive, and include lighter fluids, paint thinners, nitrates, and spray paints. On the street, they are often referred as Bullet, Air Blast, Bolt, Boppers, Laughing Gas, Discorama, Heart-on, Honey Oil, Huff, Whiteout, Thrust, Moon Gas, Hardware and Satan’s Secret.
  • Depressants – When you hear terms such as Idiot Pills, Blue Heavens, Backwards, Green Dragons, Peanuts, Downie, M&M, No Worries, Drowsy High, Stoppers, Red Bullets, Tooles, and Stumbler, these are the street names for depressants. Some are also given as prescription drugs and these include Amytal, Nembutal, Xanax and Valium. Alcohol, Benzodiazepines and Barbiturates are also common depressants and they are used to sedate a user’s senses.
  • Hallucinogens – Used to attain a state of altered consciousness and hallucination, there are different Hallucinogens available in the market. If you come across names such as White Lightning, Blue Heaven, Sugar Cube and Microdot they refer to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (aka. LSD or Acid). Peyote, a cactus indigenous to the Southwest and Mexico is a hallucinogenic cactus. Mescaline is synthesized from Peyote. There are also various hallucinogenic Mushrooms with Psilocybin being the most popular. These have street names including Buttons, Magic Mushrooms and Shrooms.
  • Amphetamines and Ecstasy – These have street names including Black Beauties, X, Essence, Ecstasy, Adam, DOM, EVE, DOB, MDM, PMA, 5-DMA, STP and TMA

How to Deal With Drug Addiction

If you hear such street terms from your loved ones it is important that you immediately get into act and save them before their addiction reaches a point of no return. Drug addiction can ruin a life within a short span of time and affect every member of the family. You should immediately search for the right inpatient treatment facility where your loved one would receive comprehensive treatment to help them overcome their addiction. These centers tailor the treatment plan based on the needs of the patient.

At an inpatient facility, a patient undergoes different therapies and receives counseling from experts who let them see and live the brighter side of life helping them to overcome addiction. Remember, drug addiction can begin at a very young age. If you have the slightest suspicion that your child or loved may have a substance issue, don’t wait and contact Addiction Angel.